Truck Paper - the nation's leading trucking publication.

If you’re familiar with the trucking industry, the chances are good that you’re also familiar with Truck Paper, which began weekly circulation in 1981 and today is the nation’s leading trucking publication. Dealers, fleet owners, and owner/operators regularly read Truck Paper and visit when they need to buy and sell trucks.

Truck Paper Partner, The Gage Team, Sandhills

Our clients have complete integration with Truck Paper, increasing market reach and exposure.

Print and Digital Marketing TractorHouse, The Gage Team, Sandhills
Print + Digital Marketing

Print drives traffic to the web, therefore having both a presence online and in print allows you to reach your customers everywhere.

Tractorhouse Inventory Listings Automated, The Gage Team, Sandhills
Automated Inventory Listings

You already use the Sandhills Inventory System and know it's convenient, easy and always up-to-date.

TractorHouse New Equipment Showrooms, The Gage Team, Sandhills
New Equipment Showrooms

Our Showrooms feature the newest products but require no maintenance. They increase SEO and keep customers on your site.

Services Offered

Built-In Inventory Evaluation, Financing & Freight

We sweat the small stuff, so you don’t have to. We also make sure you can track everything from one place, so the whole package is convenient to use.

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